RealmLinux Management Tools

RLM Tools Web Application

RLM Tools is a web application intended to expose information from RealmLinux clients to the proper system administrators. Most importantly, this includes if the client is successfully able to run its auto update agent and is applying security errata.


Clients are divided up into departments as configured in the WebKickstart config and therefore the /etc/rc.conf.d/HostDept file. Each department contains a listing of clients where a red client indicates some sort of potential issue. Clicking on each client will reveal detailed information about that client including many reports from update runs and the RLM Tools client end. The reports are designed to contain the specific error messages that occurred on the client that resulted in the failure.

Support Status



A supported client indicates that this client was installed with WebKickstart or blessed with the ncsubless command by an NCSU system administrator.

No Support

This is a machine not installed with WebKickstart or a machine that has lost the support flag in earlier versions of the tracking code. Previous versions were not able to track client hostname changes. (Earlier than 2006/12/19.) This can also be caused by a machine that has been offline for more than 30 days.

Each client also contains a sysinfo report that includes detailed hardware information including serial numbers and MAC addresses.

Report Status


A report can have “Good” or “Bad” status and colored greed or red respectively. Bad reports indicate some sort of problem and should contain an error message or some text that will tell us what’s wrong. Reports may be gray in color which means that they have been superceded by a more recent report. Finally, some reports may state “No data available.” This indicates that no message was included in the report, which is may be the case for a “good” report where there was no output to record.

Blessing of Clients


In some cases an administrator may want or need to “bless” a RealmLinux client as supported. Most likely because the client in question has lost its support flag for some reason. Also, this will aid the RLM Tools server in tracking hostname changes but is now no longer required to follow a hostname change. Blessing a client will register and mark it has supported even if it was not installed with WebKickstart.

To bless a client you must be in the installer:common PTS group in the BP cell. This includes all people that have access to create and modify WebKickstart configs. Log in as your realm user (not root) and run the ncsubless command. You should see something like the following:


Any errors in the process will also be reported. For assistance see the support channels on the CLS main website.