Campus Linux Services Support

Note : As of May 2018, NCSU Realm Linux installations should be using Satellite6 for patching

For more information, contact CSI at

Information below is inactive and retained for historical purposes, links have been removed

OIT has made a commitment to supporting Linux at NC State University. Toward this end Campus Linux Services will make Linux available for the IT staff at NC State University to deploy as they require. OIT Campus Linux Services will support these versions for a predetermined life time which is normally the lifetime of the underlying RHEL product. NC State University also has access to Red Hat’s Global Support Services which is used to complement our existing support structure.

For Linux support :

There are a few prerequisites for Realm Linux support:

  • The Realm Linux version in question must be within its product life cycle. Currently supported versions can be found on the Web-Kickstart (was web page.
  • The machine must be installed via Web-Kickstart.
  • The “realm-cron” service must be enabled which is the default setting.
  • The machine must be receiving and applying all available security errata and patches.

RLMTools (was can be used to determine if a machine is eligible for support as each machine in RLMTools has a boolean support status. If you believe that flag to be in error please open a support ticket via the above address.

Other installs of Realm Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux that have not reached their support end of life will be supported on a time available basis.

Support Channels

The following is a list of official support channels for Linux at NC State University.

  • The Help Desk – General end user support.
  • – Tier 2 Linux support.
  • The Campus Linux Services website (was

These are informal support resources that the campus Linux community have found very helpful.

Mailing Lists

  • [ Archives ] – A moderated list where announcements of new versions and errata are made. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to stay informed about Realm Linux.
  • [ Archives ] – A user forum for Realm Linux. A great place to ask questions about how to set something up or use something in Realm Linux.
  • [ Archives ] – This is the place for discussion of development issues and the back end systems used to support Realm Linux.
  • [ Archives ] – Subscribe to this list if you wish to see the patches committed to the CLS Git and Subversion repositories.
  • [ Archives ] – This list is for the Realm Linux Service Committee (RLSC). This is Realm Linux’s governing body.
  • [ Archives ] – While not directly related to Realm Linux, this list provides a space to discuss all things Puppet.

Subscribing to Mailing Lists

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Unsubscribing is just as easy. Use the email account where you receive
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